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Podscribe is by far the best podcast transcription service out there, and I’ve tried them all. Fast. Accurate. Automatic. Embeddable. Searchable. Interactive. And unlike most faceless online companies, they actually provide unbeatable personal customer service. Every podcaster should use them.” 

– Rob Simon, CEO of BurstMarketing, producer of We Are Unstoppable, and podcaster since 2005.  

“Podscribe is amazing. The product is great, the price is right, and the support is top-notch. Most importantly, this is a company that actually *listens* to the people who use their product and makes constant improvements based on the feedback they receive. I looked at all the major transcription services out there, and no one beats them for that reason alone. Consider that their editor is easy to work with and the transcripts embed easily and look nice on my website… it’s a win-win.”

– Daniel Scherl, host of Memories of a Moonbird 

“Podscribe offers the best machine transcriptions I’ve ever seen for podcasts, comparable to the $1/minute human transcription service I was using beforehand and vastly better than the AI transcripts provided by my podcast distributor. Pete is a superbly helpful and thoughtful person and it’s been a pleasure to see this project evolve and mature from alpha to its present suite of functionalities. I’m especially excited about having a searchable text archive for my show — all the better to help those future digital archaeologists dig out the best parts!  Highly, highly recommended.”

– Michael Garfield, host of Future Fossils & Complexity

IDK how they’re doing it but they are able to turn my transcripts around in no time, and they are the most accurate I have seen. They still have a few tweaks I have to make but they have saved me a ton of time already. And their pricing?!!! I bought a year, but even the monthly cost is something I would get without even blinking. It was a deal I couldn’t refuse AND we all know I am like the frugal podcaster, getting by on as little as possible. 

– Jackie Beyer, host of Organic Gardener Podcast

“Podscribe has been a great partner for Hanselminutes. They jumpstarted our transcripts by enabling listeners to explore over 750 episodes spanning 15 years!” 

– Scott Hanselman, host of Hanselminutes

“I’ve used other transcription services before, but the automated approach of strikes the right balance — it’s lightning fast, very inexpensive, and the quality is good enough to make the cost savings worth it. The team is very responsive to questions and suggestions for making the product even better.

– Mark Graban, host of Lean Blog Interviews and My Favorite Mistake

 “Not everyone listens to podcasts so the transcripts have been great at getting new information to those that wouldn’t ever listen to a show.”

Jeffrey Wood, host of The Overhead Wire

Best-in-class Accuracy

Podscribe’s AI learns from your podcast’s title and show notes to produce the most accurate transcripts around.

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Save time by automating your transcriptions. Podscribe automatically transcribes new episodes minutes after release, and can quickly do your backlog as well.


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